About Allan? We'll keep it short.

Allan McKenzie runs a professional photographic business in the Leeds area of West Yorkshire. Specialising in photojournalism & sport, he works regularly for local, regional and national titles..

When he's not doing this, you might find him at a national sports fixture - check out the galleries to see what he's been up to. He represents one of Britain's leading independent sport and commercial picture agencies, SWPix.

Sample photo by AMGP
Sample photo by AMGP

Because he's not shooting weddings every week of the year, he's got the time to talk to you and understand what you really  desire from the most important day of your life. He can concentrate on your day exclusively instead of having one eye on the next client due through the door. Daily interaction with subjects and clients in social and commercial markets gives him the experience to capture unique and professional portraits of you and your family. See his Wedding & People pictures for some examples.

Allan's imagery appears in national and regional print titles and magazines. Contact him for a different perspective on the photographic world and what he can do for you. Fundamentally the view is it's not about making a stack of cash - it's about capturing professional images that mean everything to the customer. A simple ethos for a successful partnership.